Get the sleep apnea test you need for your DOT physical.

If you have taken your DOT Physical and were told you need a sleep apnea test, our solution is easy, fast, and affordable.

How our DOT Accepted sleep apnea testing program works:

We offer DOT accepted sleep apnea testing with a typical turn-around time of two weeks. We also offer rush testing with a turn-around time of five days. Our testing program is DOT accepted in every state.

Ordering and Patient information.  After completing payment, you will be forwarded to a questionnaire where you will enter your patient information and answer questions about your sleep habits.

Sleep Apnea Testing and Clearance: Once you complete the questionnaire, we will call you to arrange setup and delivery of the home sleep test.  You will receive the test in the mail, then wear the test overnight while sleeping.  The next day you will drop the test back into the mail using the pre-paid envelope.  After we receive the test, a physician will review the results and provide us with a diagnosis.  If you DO NOT have sleep apnea, we will send a letter and proof to your DOT physician so they can clear you for your medical certification. 

Sleep Apnea Treatment (if needed):  If you DO have sleep apnea, we can provide treatment and the required monitoring.  You will likely be prescribed an auto-adjusting CPAP device and a proper fitting CPAP mask to treat your sleep apnea. The device is monitored remotely to insure success. After successful use is achieved, we will send a letter and proof to your DOT physician so they can clear you for your medical certification.

Annual Compliance Monitoring (if needed): Because the DOT will require a report showing that you have continued to successfully use your CPAP, we can continue to monitor your device remotely, and can provide treatment compliance reports for your DOT physician as often as needed.

That's it!  We have made it as easy and affordable as possible, while providing the paperwork and every service required by your DOT physician. 

We are an American company based in Houston, Texas! If you live in Texas, or are driving through, our services can be provided in person. Call us at 1.877.357.3212.


Benefits Of Using AllTrans

  • Fast - Online process and Home Sleep Test keeps you behind the wheel.
  • Affordable - Budget friendly pricing.
  • Quality - Medically certified sleep tests, accepted by Department of Transportation clinics.
  • Reputable - Our reputable physicians personally evaluate your case for the presence of sleep apnea.
  • Easy - If needed, we can send you a properly calibrated CPAP to treat your apnea.
  • Results - Compliance monitoring makes sure your treatment is effective, and provides the appropriate documentation needed to get you back on the road.

Home Sleep Tests (HST)

We provide DOT home sleep testclinic accepted home sleep tests. Home sleep tests may detect the presence of sleep apnea. A diagnosis is made after careful review from one of our physicians.

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CPAPs and Sleep Apnea Treatment

If our physician diagnoses you with sleep apnea, sleep apnea treatmentand prescribes a treatment such as a CPAP device, AllTrans will calibrate your new CPAP according to the prescription.

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If you are looking for a DOT clinic accepted sleep test or treatment for Sleep Apnea, please call 1 (877) 357-3212 or GET STARTED NOW.